In addition to the small-capacity memory chip EEPROM and power device SJ-MOSFET, the company's self-developed chips, the company's first Cortex-M0+ core (32-bit) microcontroller product CW32F030 launched on October 14, 2021. It is the first M0+ MCU product of the CW32F series independently developed by the company. It has successfully passed the internal test of the company, the test of third-party professional institutions and the test of some customers, and has greatly surpassed similar products of other brands in many indicators. In October, the company has three products that have entered the packaging sample link, mask link and tape-out link respectively. The above four M0+ MCU products will cover different market demands of general-purpose, low-cost, ultra-low power consumption and high performance. In 2022, the company also plans the M4 series products for the industrial control field, and is also actively planning the first automotive-grade MCU products.
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