Shenzhen Yougao Electronics Co., Ltd. is an innovative production base set up by Yougao team in Shenzhen, focusing on the r&d, manufacturing and sales of dial switch, inductor and terminal. Superior has its own production technology innovation and product optimization team, with "high quality and high efficiency" as the survival of the enterprise, for many years committed to the dial switch, magnetic ring inductance, integrated SMT inductance, wiring terminal manufacturing and sales. Shenzhen UGAO Electronics Co., Ltd. strictly implements the quality system certification ISO9001, product safety certification CE, UL and material environmental protection testing RoHS European standards. With a deep understing of the electronic market and years of credit management, brand of high's "YKO" won praise in the industry in recent years, has accumulated a large number of customers, including standard type enterprise of the industry quality standard is very high, such as samsung, gree, philips, honeywell optimal high leading technology makes YKO industry leader.   YKO brand was established in 2009, dial the code switch, inductive, product widely used in network, communications, laptop computers, DC/AC conversion, video recorders, smart phones, power supply, home appliance, automotive, medical, industrial equipment, lighting, remote control, anti-theft alarm system, and other industries, high visibility, by industry recognition.
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