MEMSensing was founded in 2007, funded by multiple high profile VCs and angel investors around the globe. It is one of the earliest high-tech companies in China focusing on MEMS sensor products and solutions. MEMSensing has established two mature product lines: MEMS microphone and pressure sensor. Its customers include consumer electronics, industrial control, medical electronics and automotive, etc. With a headquarter in Suzhou, the company also has sales offices in both Shanghai and Shenzhen, China. Along with the evolution of consumer electronic products to be miniature and multi-functional, MEMS technology based firm, like MEMSensing, now enjoys an unprecedented development opportunity. Especially, the tide of global technology transfer to China in semiconductor industry is on the horizon. By taking advantage of that, our goal is not only to fill in the gaps in China domestic MEMS industry, but also to become a prestigious, worldwide MEMS company.
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