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Anhui VICO is the first modernized factory in China that is the first privately-owned chip resistor research and development, production and sales. It was founded in the United States by VICO Company and Dongguan FLYWIN Company. Total investment is 80 million USD. The plant covers an area of 40,000 square meters and the planned construction area is 50,000 square meters. The company's main business: Thick Film Chip Resistor, Thick Film Chip Resistor, Ultra Low ohm (Metal Strip) Chip Resistor, Thick Film Chip Resistor Array-RA , Carbon Film Fixed Resistor, High Precision Metal ,Film Fixed Resistor, Flameproof Type Metal Oxide Film Resistor, High pressure glass glaze resistor, wire wound Resistor , Fusible Resistor , Melf Resistor, Cement Type Resistor , Aluminum Housed Wire wound Resistor, Self-recovering fuse, Glazed resistor, Self-recovering fuse, Glazed resistor,Jump Wire, Zero Ohm Resistor , Self-recovering fuse, Rectifier diode, Patch diode, Fast recovery diode, Products are widely used in various fields of the electronics industry.
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