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Microgate was founded in 2001 and to be a public company in 2012(Stock code 300319). Microgate is a high-tech private company specialized in top passive components in Pan-Asian district. Our headquater is beside Mission Hills Golf Court in Shenzhen and main equipment was imported from America, Germany and Japan. There are many high-quality R&D and engineering personnel, who concentrate in researching and developing new products to support customers worldwide. The strong sales network and human resource help us to be one of the most prestigious supplier in the world. Our main products include LTCC RF components, Chip inductors, EMI/EMC components, Power inductors and NFC Antenna. Our high quality products are widely used in DVD player, mobile phone, personal computer, flat panel display, car carrier, MP3&MP4, GPS system and other consumptive manufacture. Since established, Microgate devoted itself with smart R&D, advanced equipment as well as international management to cater to the needs of the market. Microgate is a leading company specialized in multilayer passive component industry with competitive products serving global manufactory. Meanwhile, we aim at the high-tech market and strive for breakthrough in technological innovation. The increasing investment in R&D has indicated our will to be the top one manufacturer in Pan-Asian district.
Bead/Filter/EMI Optimization (101)
Inductors/Coils/Transformers (451)
Radio Frequency Chip/Antenna (9)
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