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Microdiode Semiconductor (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd ( MDD Semiconductor) is a national high-tech enterprise which specilized in R & D , packaging, testing and sales of semiconductor discrete devices.MDD has been deeply involved in the semiconductor field for 16 years, always adhering to product technology as the driving force and customer demand as the core, creating a complete series of highly reliable and high-performance product service matrices covering MOSFET, Diodes, Transistor, Rectifier Bridge, SiC, Etc. The products are widely used in New Energy Vehicles, Industrial Control, Consumer Electronics, Communication, Home Appliances, Medical, Lighting, Security, Instruments and Meters, etc, serving over 40 countries & regions worldwide.
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MDD(Microdiode Semiconductor) SS54
MDD(Microdiode Semiconductor) M7
MDD(Microdiode Semiconductor) SS34
MDD(Microdiode Semiconductor) SS14
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MDD(Microdiode Semiconductor) SS34
40V Single 3A 550mV@3A SMA(DO-214AC) Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBD) ROHS
MDD(Microdiode Semiconductor) SS54
40V 550mV@5A 5A SMA(DO-214AC) Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBD) ROHS
MDD(Microdiode Semiconductor) SS14
40V Single 1A 550mV@1A SMA(DO-214AC) Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBD) ROHS
MDD(Microdiode Semiconductor) M7
1A 1kV 1.1V@1A SMA(DO-214AC) Diodes - General Purpose ROHS
MDD(Microdiode Semiconductor) Applications
New Energy Vehicles
Industrial Control
Consumer Electronics
Home Appliances
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