LCSC Custom Cables Service
Purchase wire and cable to your exact specifications with No minimum by LCSC Custom Cable Service.
Choose from a range of connectors and customize your cables from industry-leading brands such as CJT, XKB, and Cixi Kefa. There are no minimum orders and these cables and wires are UL-certified and comply with European standards.
Why Choose LCSC Custom Cables
No Minimum
860,000+ Brand connectors for cable
Wide breadth of wire & cable product
UL&ROHS certified
(Supporting other certified)
Technical Drawing support
(Confirmation before production)
Strict quality control
(100% Test before shipping)
Industry Cable Solutions
Industrial Applications
1 What are the advantages and disadvantages of using custom cables instead of standard products?
The benefit of Custom cable is that it is fully meets the needs&compliance requirements of your specific application and is reflected in every aspect of the cable design. At the same time, ordering custom cables can also save you money as it eliminates the need to pay unnecessary extra fees.
However, using Custom cable requires more time and planning because you need to allow time for the product to be manufactured, whereas stock products can be shipped immediately. Overall, using custom cables can meet your specific needs and save you money, but it will require more time and effort on your part.
2 Do I need to purchase a lot of products to order custom cables?
No, The LCSC Custom Cable team does not have a minimum order requirement for custom cables. However, for some specialty cables, ordering too few quantities may result in a cost that is too high. Therefore, we recommend that you increase your order quantity or take other options to reduce the cost of custom cables.
3 What choices can I make during the custom cable design and manufacturing process?
We provide you with a full range of wire options, including materials, colors, outer insulation, and more. To ensure an optimal fit for your application, we will assist you in determining the most suitable conductor material, stranding, lay length and processing method. In addition, we can also provide customized cable designs based on your specific needs, including flexibility, adaptation to special scenarios, and optimization of performance parameters. Our team will work closely with you to ensure you get the best wire solution.
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