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America Techcode Semiconductor, Inc. has become a global leader in the design and manufacturing of high-performance analog ICs. With its 12 years of analog design capabilities and power management system knowledge, Techcode continues to design and manufacture high-quality products backed by its states-of-the-art testing facilities. Techcode’s “IC Design Company Without Borders” business model allows the company to address high-volume markets with leading-edge products by utilizing multiple strategic manufacturing alliances in place of conventional wafer foundries. These alliances allow Techcode to exchange its innovative and proprietary technologies for access to advanced, high-volume, yet low-cost manufacturing facilities. Techcode maintains close strategic collaborations with fabs such as TSMC and assemblers such as ST Micro.
Nixie Tube Driver/LED Driver (3)
Triode/MOS Tube/Transistor (35)
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