Prime Science

Beijing Primus Technology Co., Ltd., headquartered in Beijing, is located in Building 20, Liandong U Valley, No. 2 Huanke Middle Road, Tongzhou District, Beijing, covering a total area of 2,300 square meters. The products involved in the group are from industrial sites. Test instruments, laboratory design research and development, product research and development, to measurement calibration, all provide a complete set of solutions, mainly used in embedded research and development design, new energy vehicles, photovoltaic solar energy, radio frequency microwave, electromagnetic compatibility testing, ATE automated testing, Aerospace, university scientific research and other fields. Beijing Primus Technology Co., Ltd. has a laboratory area of more than 700 square meters, the original value of fixed assets is more than 30 million yuan, and it has more than 400 sets (sets) of various calibration and testing equipment.
Magnetic Sensors (12)
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