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Jiangsu Yunyi Electric Co., Ltd (Stock Code: 300304) is a high-tech enterprise committed to R & D, manufacturing and marketing of automotive electronic parts, providing excellent vehicle supporting service for customers. With 22-year-experience in R & D and production in the vehicle industry, Yunyi’s main products include automotive alternator rectifiers, voltage regulators, semiconductors, NOx sensors, lambda sensors, precision injection parts, and wiper blade systems, etc. As the global leading manufacturer of automotive alternator rectifier and voltage regulator, Yunyi is one of the first drafters of standard for Chinese internal combustion engine electric and electonic industry. It is also the formulator of the standard for alternator rectifiers and automotive high-power diodes. Besides, Yunyi is awarded the title of “Pioneer Enterprise” for Chinese internal combustion parts and alternator electric & electronic parts.
TVS/Fuse/Board Level Protection (154)
TVS (154)
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