Kimberly-Clark Corporation is a global leader in health care. Founded in 1872, the company has production facilities in 34 countries and regions around the world and employs 46,000 people. Personal health care products, household tissue and commercial consumer products are the three core businesses of Kimberly-Clark, with sales of more than $19.1 billion in 2020 and products sold in more than 175 countries and regions. Kimberly-Clark has always been known for its perfect quality, excellent service and fair treatment. Many of its products and brands have become an inseparable part of consumers' daily life, and they believe that these products will bring more convenience to their health and life. . Kimberly-Clark has many well-known brands worldwide, such as Kleenex®, Huggies®, Kotex®, Scott®, Pull-Ups®, Depend®, Andrex® and Poise® Wait.
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