After 20 years of dedication to the mission of “provide reliable powerfor the user”, VAPEL make a strong stand in the market in many fields. With oneof the biggest R&D team in power industry, VAPEL has built its reputationin field of Telecom, EV, industrial application, new energy, financial, railand related application, data processing, smart city and many others. VAPEL isproud to announce that in many specific markets, we are chosen as the keypartner of the world’s top 5 companies. To fulfill the target and mission, VAPEL keep investing in hardwareand software continually in the last 20 years. We have built 10 lads, whichbrought to VAPEL the most sophisticated testing capability for function andperformance in the industry. 8%-9% of the revenue are invested in R&D for thepast years. VAPEL has covered the design and production in AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC,AC/DC bidirectional, DC/DC bidirectional as well as combination input andoutput. Voltage output covering 0.2Vdc—1000Vdc and 75Vac—4000Vac, capacity from2W up to 180KW per module. These power has been working in indoor or outdoor byfan cooling, natural cooling, liquid cooling or immersed cooling.
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