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Maximum Semiconductor has established more than 20 years of profound strategic cooperation and friendship with international well-known brands such as INFINEON, NXP, MAX, ALTERA, XILINX, etc. The R&D team fully cooperates and is determined to fully realize the reliability, richness and advanced technology of customers' products. Maximum not only possesses proprietary device structure and process technology, but also has a large number of and continuously increasing intellectual property rights. Its silicon carbide Schottky devices used in system execution circuits and peripheral closed-loop chips can be widely used in system integration conversion. Increased efficiency and increased cost-effectiveness of power devices and discrete devices have enabled its customers and strategic partners to maintain the strongest competitiveness and continue to provide quality products to the market. Whether it is a product or a service, Maximum can achieve high performance that exceeds the expectations of the other party with its rich experience in R&D, design, and application fields.
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