The company was founded in 2006. After more than 10 years of continuous development, the company has established a highly skilled and experienced chip R&D team with a total of more than 200 R&D personnel, of which more than 60% have a master's degree or above. The company already has a complete IC industry chain system for chip planning, design, integration, verification, back-end, packaging design, and mass production testing, and has successfully mass-produced a number of 28-nanometer process chips. The company continues to conduct research and layout in multiple fields such as general digital-analog hybrid chips, IPC monitoring and intelligent product chips, coaxial monitoring product chips, walkie-talkie baseband chips, low-power MCU control chips, and has obtained 44 domestic invention patents. There are 5 invention patents and 15 power collection layouts. The company is headquartered in Hangzhou, known as the Silicon Valley Paradise, and has R&D branches in Guiyang and Hefei.
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