Zeng Yi

Dongguan Zeng Yi Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, relying on good reputation and service to grow continuously. It opened the Ganzhou production base in 2012 and currently has professional and complete production and inspection equipment; passed the ISO9001 quality system certification in 2013 and introduced ERP in 2015 Enterprise resource planning system; established an e-commerce department in 2016, introduced a CRM customer relationship management system in 2017, and won the title of Dongguan Science and Technology SMEs in 2019. Our main products are: chip inductors, chip beads, color ring inductors, I-shaped inductors, UU/EE filters, flat line filters, planar transformers, and so on. We have professional application engineers who can provide customers with one-stop solutions from technology to products in the fields of EMC, RF, and POWER.
Bead/Filter/EMI Optimization (10)
Others (1)
Triode/MOS Tube/Transistor (1)
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