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Suzhou Convert Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is located in Zhangjiagang high tech Development Zone, a national high-tech enterprise, a small giant of science and technology in Jiangsu Province, a specialized and special new cultivation enterprise of Suzhou gazelle, and a leading talent demonstration enterprise in Zhangjiagang. Hewitt focuses on the R & D, production and sales of intelligent power devices and power integrated chips. It cooperates with the school of microelectronics, Xi'an University of Electronic Science and technology to establish a joint training and R & D Center for graduate students of power devices, focusing on the third generation of power semiconductors. The company has more than 70 patents, and its products are widely used in the fields of smart home appliances, industrial control, smart grid and new energy vehicles. At present, Hewitt has formed eight product series, including high voltage, high reliability power MOSFET, FRD integrated high voltage MOSFET, SiC SBD, SiC MOSFET, photo MOS, photo triac, IGBT, IPM power module, etc.
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