Chengdu Corex Technology Co., Ltd. was established on November 20, 2017. The company is committed to promoting the localization of integrated circuits, focusing on the development and sales of analog integrated circuit products. Its promoters and core team members are from top technology companies at home and abroad, and have more than 10 years of industry work experience. In order to meet the domestic demand for integrated circuits in China, the company concentrates its advantageous resources on the development of analog ICs such as power chips and switch drivers. After years of establishment, the company has a complete chip design, production management and product testing team, relying on a senior design team, a perfect quality assurance system and unique product design technology, so that the company's new product development efficiency and product technology Greatly improved. All employees of the company follow the belief of "serving customers wholeheartedly and revitalizing the integrated circuit industry", and provide high-quality products to our customers.
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