WILDGOOSE is specialized in the development and design of medium and high power field effect transistors (MOSFETs, a full range of products from high voltage to low voltage), rectifiers (including fast recovery diodes and Schottky diodes), TVS tubes, bridge stacks and power management ICs An enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. The self-owned brands "WILDGOOSE" and "WG" series products owned by WILDGOOSE have been used in handheld device (mobile phone, tablet, e-book) chargers, UPS power systems, notebook and desktop computers and servers, cloud host power systems, and automotive inverters. Power systems, HID automotive lighting systems, LED lighting systems, power supply systems for charging piles of electric vehicles and electric locomotives, hand-held power tools, Netcom products (set-top boxes), solar inverter power systems, medical equipment, etc. are widely used. The company's good corporate reputation and stable product quality have been generally recognized in the power supply industry.
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