Shenzhen Gantong Technology Co., Ltd/Shenzhen Gantong Coil Co., Ltd (hereinafter abbreviated as "SGTE"), is a Joint Venture focusing on the design of various series of inductors, who was established in 1995, after more than 20 years of hard work, its products has a long reputation in the electronics world. For the sake of comprehensively enhance core-competitiveness of the enterprise, SGTE began to transform the production of new integrated powder alloy series inductors with independent intellectual property rights in February 2008, on the basis of retaining some traditional products. SGTE has been named "National High-tech Enterprise" since 2009,and we own 28 national patents by far, 6 of which are invention patents.
Bead/Filter/EMI Optimization (2)
Inductors/Coils/Transformers (228)
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