Established in 1999, SHOULDER Electronics Limited is a well-known SAW devices company in the worldwide. SHOULDER is specialized in the development and production of SAW filters, SAW duplexers and SAW resonators, which are widely used in mobile phones,telecom equipments,automotive electronics,LTE modules,IOT, home automations ,aerospace,and other RF and microwave industries. In SAW area, SHOULDER has owned many technical patents & software copyrights developed by the strong professional R&D team with excellent innovation ability, Shoulder also has extensive cooperation with famous domestic research institutions and universities. Shoulder has advanced production lines: clean room class 10000 of 3000 square meters,class 10000 of 500 square meters, class 100 of 150 square meters, class 10 of 120 square meters. The production line can support producing 0.25um microchip , support producing flip chip-size-package saw filter of 1.8*1.4mm and 1.1*0.9mm. Relying on the powerful R&D, advanced manufacturing equipment, and the fine process management comprehensive ability, Shoulder makes every effort to build "HD" brand.The production capacity of saw device is top in China, and the quality& technical performance have been at a high level.
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