Panasonic agent - Panasonic inductor series; Dongguang Technology Agency - full range of products: including inductors, filters, transformers, diodes, power MOS, etc. All products are lead-free, comply with international environmental protection (ROHS) standards, and do not use any ozone depleting substances specified in the Montreal Convention. Products are widely used in mobile phones, digital cameras, LCDs, video recorders, notebook computers, LCD TVs, DVDs, digital amplifiers, security products and other electronic products. Power Inductor Manufacturer: Greer Electronics invested and built a factory in Shiji Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou in early 2002. It is a Hong Kong-owned electronics factory that integrates inductance research and development, production and sales. It is also a related company of Japan SUMIDA. It mainly produces power type inserts. Shielding inductors, magnetic beads, SMD fixed inductors and various coils. In 2007, the company invested in a factory in Taishi Industrial Zone, Tung Chung Town, with more than 700 employees. The company has a number of advanced production and testing equipment at home and abroad. From the procurement of raw materials to the production process, we strictly follow the SUMIDA standards and comply with the ISO9001:2000 quality management system; we have a professional R & D team and high-efficiency production team, mature manufacturing technology; strict quality control system. Can provide customers with SMD surface mount solutions professional technical solutions.
Inductors, Coils, Chokes (171)
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