HS(H asion Electronics)

Hasion Electronics focuses on the development and research of embedded systems. It has two major companies in Chengdu and Shenzhen, providing customers with a range of valuable support and services in the areas of embedded system sensors, encryption protection and network data transmission. Hasion Electronics is an agent of WIZnet in South China. Since 2009, it has been the number one seller of WIZnet. Hasion Electronics agent W5100, W5200, W5300, W5500, W5100S, W6100, W7100, W7500P / W7500 and other WIZnet full range of hardware TCPIP protocol stack interface and MCU. Hasion Electronics provides RJ45 and network transformers to facilitate one-stop shopping for customers. Hasion Electronics provides the corresponding network modules and evaluation boards for customer commissioning and production. Hasion Electronics cooperates with Xinjin Electronics to introduce high-precision, low-noise linear Hall current sensors according to market demand, completely subverting your understanding of modern current sensors. Hasion Electronics and Yuanxin Security cooperate to launch embedded system encryption solutions and supporting products, and are committed to protecting customers' important resources. Hasion Electronics independently developed serial-to-Ethernet modules such as HS-ENG09xB (single channel), HS-ENG09xC (dual channel), HS-ENG09xD (three channels), and HS-ENG099POE (single channel POE) to provide customers with stable Internet access to industrial users. program. With the glory of helping customers create value and passion for innovation, the company will continue to explore new technologies and provide new products and services to meet the growing needs of its customers.
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