Shenzhen ZhenHanxin Electronic Company is dedicated to provide diode and rectifier bridge solutions in power related fields. Besides having our own R&D product lines, we also act as sales agents for mnay international and domestic famous brands in these relavant fields. We offer surface mounted SMD, plug-in DIP rectifier diodes (STD series), fast recoveray diodes(FR RS), high-efficiency diode (HER UF US), super fast recovery (SF MUR ES), Schottky diode(SKY), Switch diode (Switching), voltage regulator diode(ZENER), Transient Voltage Suppressor(TVS), bi-directional trigger tube (DB3), constant current diode (CRD) and other series of diodes with different packaging; we also offer super thin rectifier bridge(MBF ABS), GPP glasss passivated rectifier bridge (MB-M MBS DB-1 DBS KBP D3K GBU GBP KBJ) and other rectifier bridges with different packaging. All our products meet EU s RoHS standard.
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