Founded in 2010, AIO is a high-tech enterprise that independently researches and develops auto artificial intelligence, big data software´╝î and hardware products."Inertial navigation software algorithm" is the core technology of the company, which is applicable to the positioning and navigation products of GPS and Beidou galaxy. When the GPS (Beidou) signal drifts and is lost, the precise positioning can still be achieved. The company has cooperated with the 4d map and KiliDe map in automobile inertial navigation products, which can continuously navigate for more than 30 minutes without GPS signal."Vehicle attitude and the driver driving algorithm" can real-time record in the form of data bus "uphill slope, turn left, turn right, left and right sides is bumpy, and even collision rollover" gesture, such as vehicle and driver ", snap acceleration, deceleration, driving fast, dangerous road, bumpy road "dangerous driving behavior, such as to determine whether the vehicle has a collision risk hidden trouble, and even overturn risk accident, etc.
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