Xx(Xingxin sci-tech)

Intelligence sci-tech, the earliest was established in June 2006, by Chinese Taiwan and mainland China, established by a group of people who have professional knowledge, for the convenience of quick after service customer, was founded in 2018 in Dongguan, Dongguan heng core intelligent technology co., LTD. For product sales and development plan for products promotion. The head office is composed of two clusters, namely green smart life (referred to as "green life"), which is mainly composed of smart life products developed by the core team in Taiwan, such as intelligent control remote control, green LED lighting, mobile phone smart life, etc. The mainland China team is responsible for the production, sales and service in one.The other is an electronic spare parts business group (referred to as "accessories"), the products are diode, transistor, MOS tube, IC, resistance, capacitance and other products, mainly with charger, adapter, control board and other supporting, and technical support. Our service tenet: we use "core" to make products, you are happy to use products!
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