Shenzhen City, the third source of the source Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of electronic components, the three leaves of the source are Murata, TDK, Kyocera, too temptation, Samsung, the giant, China Branch, LRC brand authorized dealers! Over the past few years, we have the integrity of the service, excellent quality, flat prices and fast delivery, wide supply, and a large number of spot inventory so that the company in a short period of rapid development, the company will always survive the quality, reputation, and development Spirit as a business development purposes. To the high-quality, excellent price of electronic components products for our customers to provide comprehensive support services! Company to modern management system, high quality, product diversification and first-class level of service in the company all the staff of the joint efforts and the majority of customers to support, support, in the fierce market competition, the company innovation, Has a considerable size and strength, in the electronics industry enjoyed a high reputation!
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