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MK Founder (MK) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in embedded storage and mobile storage. Headquartered in Taiwan, it has offices in shenzhen, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and the United States. The core management and design team of MK Founder are all from industry-leading semiconductor companies with the same values, efficient execution and a strong sense of mission. The name of MK Founder comes from the meaning of "making for makers". Relying on its own complete r&d and manufacturing capacity, it integrates the resources of IC design, wafer foundry, packaging and testing manufacturers at the upstream of the industrial chain, and develops a series of storage products with high reliability, customization, miniaturization characteristics, and general semiconductor devices and other solutions. MK Founder provides customers with a full range of products including embedded memory chips, SSD, storage CARDS and general devices, which are widely used in mobile phones, tablet computers, set-top boxes, PON, communication modules, smart wear, smart speakers, video monitoring, robotics, and industrial control. Aiming at the requirements of miniaturization and integration of intelligent hardware in the new era, MK Founder has launched System in Package for the market, which provides customized design, research, and development, production and service for consumer electronics and specific fields.
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