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Manufacturing and sales of solderless terminals and connectors. Manufacturing and sales of chain terminals and connectors; Manufacturing and sales of wire end processing machines and tools Activate. This word is our guide, prompting us to offer the potential of action to others and facilitate the action of equipment and devices. Nippon Tanshi's connector business brings different technologies together, and this helps bring people, companies, regions, and countries together. Our connectors and other products facilitate the flow of energy, helping to energize the world. These are some of the thoughts inspiring our corporate philosophy. Taking innovative connection technology to the next level. That's how we create new value that meets customers' ideas and developers' ambitions while bringing greater vitality to people who use our products. We connect technologies, people, companies, and communities, and link all these to environmental protection, desiring to take life to a higher level of activation. These are the ideals we instill in our employees, as they take responsibility for their work, performing meaningful tasks that help shape the future and the world. Our connector business contributes to a more exciting future, worldwide.
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