LOTO is a subsidiary of Rocetech technologies. Founded in 2007, Rocktech technology is a leading provider of embedded computer system products and solutions and an expert in THE Internet of things technology. The company has two major business departments: embedded computer application platform department and Internet of things system department. The embedded computer platform department mainly designs and manufactures services industry customers based on Freescale, TI and Rockchip processors. Communications technology science and technology of super technology research and development team is composed of senior engineer, especially in the embedded OS and software services after years of technology accumulation, can provide all-round services from the kernel layer to the APK, intelligent terminal products are widely applied to intelligent city, industrial intelligence, intelligent transportation, intelligent instruments and equipment and other industries, is the leading brand of embedded computer industry in China. Iot system department, based on cloud applications, provides cold chain logistics tracking services, industrial scene monitoring services, unmanned convenience stores and management services, charging piles and management services and other cloud escrow services.
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