USI is committed to providing modules equipped with various networking technologies (WiFi, BT, IoT, LoRa & WWAN) to help customers obtain effective Solutions for IoT related products, and further provide D(MS)2 (Design & Manufacturing Services Plus Miniaturization & Solutions). With comprehensive design capabilities and advanced packaging technology, USI is your best partner for the next generation of products. Our company has the following capabilities: Design: circuit wiring/package design/electromechanical simulation/thermal simulation/debugging/antenna design Manufacturing technology: high-density SMT/ molded package/spatter shielding package Testing and qualification: engineering testing/qualification testing/reliability testing/production testing/failure analysis Regulatory and voluntary commitment testing: UL/FCC, PTCRB/ field testing and operator testing through internal voluntary commitment testing/third-party LABS Advanced packaging technology: stack, double-sided/wafer convex/embedded passive/active/antenna integration/advanced interconnection/bottom filling (MUF)
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