The company has the global high-quality raw material supply chain. The key raw materials, such as aluminum foil, electrolytic paper, etc., are adopted from the well-known companies in Japanese and South Korean, such as JCC, KDK, NKK, etc., which has ensured the levels of quality, safety, environmental protection and energy saving of the company in the forefront of the industry. The company possesses a number of high-quality professional and technical personnel and management staff. All series of aluminum electrolyte products can be produced according to the requirements of customers, including low ESR & impedence at high frequency, low leakage, wide temperature, extremely low impedance, bipolar, long life, mesohigh long life, high reliability, and other new SMT products with special requirements. At the same time, the products can withstand 260 ℃ soldering temperature to meet the lead-free reflow soldering technology of SMT in the whole plant. All technical indicators of the products have reached or exceeded the level of the similar products in the international industry.
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