“Taiwan develops and researches high technology, good quality parts while China plants provide mass-production, competitive goods to end-users”. PAI-I-KUO Founder TY-OHM was established in 1958, the pioneer of resistors manufacturer in Taiwan. We first made carbon film and low-end wire wound resistors. In 1970 we made venture cooperation with Japan Resistor Mfg. Co., Ltd. (JRM), producing metal oxide film and high-end wire wound resistors. In 1975 we made another technical cooperation with an American company named Kidco forgetting how to make 1% tolerance of precision metal film resistors. In 1985, we developed resistor network and fusible resistors; SMD components of chip resistors and chip resistor networks were marketed in 1992. The latest power SMD resistors were introduced to customers in 2001.
TVS/Fuse/Board Level Protection (18)
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