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Lyontek Inc. is a fabless IC design company, established in 2003, in Hsin-Chu, Taiwan . We are dedicated in Asynchronous SRAM (Low Power SRAM & High Speed/fast SRAM) product design, development and sells in the target markets , which including: (a) Industrial Electronics (b) POS (c) Consumer electronics (d) Communication (e) Automotive electronics (f) Medical electronics Now Lyontek Inc. will launch a new serial interface 3.3V/ 1.8V,64M Xccela™ PSRAM, in which the static standby current is 150uA and the data bandwidth is 3.2Gbps in 200MHz Octal Bus Double Data Rate. Lyontek also has the other serial interface SPI/QPI RAM products. Lyontek has developed and manufactured audio amplifier products for giving customers more diverse select.
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