HGSEMI semiconductor co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, is a professional engaged in semiconductor device research and development, packaging, testing and sales as one of the quasi-high-tech enterprises. The company has an international advanced level of semiconductor discrete devices and integrated circuit packaging and testing production line has a wealth of semiconductor device design, packaging, testing industry experience of the technical team. First-class enterprises in the same industry have established long-term strategic cooperative relations, set up a professional technical development team, engaged in new products, new technology development. Company research and development project products include power management, operational amplifier, audio amplifier, interface and drives, logic devices, memory, the time base and clock, data collection, MOSFET, and dedicated circuit, mainly used in automotive electronics, instrumentation, network communications, industrial automation, LED lighting, switching power supply, smart appliances, gold card engineering, intelligent transportation and other fields. HGSEMI products positioning high-end quality, in recent years by the majority of users of praise, is now the industry's high-end quality brand; HGSEMI&HGC is the independent brand of HGSEMI company. The establishment of the independent brand is more conducive to our customer service, promotes the development of the company and makes it a leading manufacturer in China's semiconductor industry
Electronic Tools/Instruments/Consumables (11)
Memory (55)
Nixie Tube Driver/LED Driver (16)
Radio Frequency Chip/Antenna (2)
Triode/MOS Tube/Transistor (12)
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