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Changjiang Microelectronics Technology is a technology company dedicated to the research and development, production and sales of integrated inductors (alloy inductors) and magnetic encapsulant inductors (NR inductors) for laptops, industrial control areas, servers, smart handheld terminals and communication equipments. In 2012, the newly developed alloy powder formulation developed by Changjiang Microelectronics Technology increased the current capacity of the integrated inductor (alloy inductor) by 30%. In 2013, the servo press production equipment researched and developed independently by Yangtze Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. began to be put into large-scale operation. Relative to the hydraulic machine and mechanical presses, the Yangtze River Micro Technology servo-driven pressure of the integrated inductor each one is 5 times the mechanical press, hydraulic press 10 times. Each one molded inductor ensures zero defects. In 2014, Cheung Kong Microelectronics introduced the world's thinnest 0.8MM thickness of the inductor to meet the ultra-thin handheld device needs. In the same year, the company officially launched the 2016 ultra-small inductor.
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