Beken Corporation is a fabless design house providing IC solutions for wireless applications. Beken develops highly integrated high-performance semiconductor products wielding the leading edge RF-CMOS transceiver technology and advanced DSP system innovations. Since its inception, Beken has delivered the world's first integrated 5.8-GHz cordless phone transceiver, the world's most integrated 2.4-GHz cordless phone transceiver, the world's first low power 5.8-GHz general purpose FSK RF transceiver, the world's first integrated 5.8-GHz transceiver fully compliant with China National Standard Electronic Toll Collection and a series of other RF-CMOS IC devices. Beken offers RF IC products and solutions covering a wide range of wireless applications such as cordless phone, walkie talkie, wireless keyboard/mouse, wireless game controller/joystick, wireless health and sports devices, wireless microphone, FM radio, FM+AM radio, car MP3 player, electronic toll collection on-board-unit and road-side-unit.
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