In 2003, in Cixi City, Zhejiang Province, GOSUN Electronics Co., Ltd. was established. It has become one of the earliest domestic enterprises dedicated to the production, research and development and manufacture of terminal blocks. In 2008, Gaosheng Electronics changed its name to Ningbo Gaosheng (GOOSVN) Electronics Co., Ltd., and upgraded and expanded its main departments such as R&D and manufacturing, becoming one of the main terminal suppliers in the industry. With the goal of "making connections safer!", Gaosheng has continuously improved and innovated the connection technology, and continuously improved the company's management system, so that we are the first in the domestic industry to complete more than 80% of automated product production lines. So far, Gaosheng Electronics has continued to provide high-quality solutions and services for power, energy, communications, vehicles, ships, construction, security, industrial automation and other industries in more than 30 countries in the world.
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