EBG-Shenzhen Electronics Co. Ltd.: a joint venture founded in 1988 by Shenzhen Science & Industry Park Corporation (China) and EBG m.b.h (Austria), with a total investment of US$3.0 million. After decades of development, the company has been a successful electronic component manufacturer and now is certified as the national high and new technology corporation. EBG-Shenzhen concentrates on the development and manufacturing of highly specialized resistors, continuously develops new custom designed products to meet customers’ specific requirements. Our products are well recognized by customers around Europe, US, and Asia. Since 1988, the company has started to produce highly reliable, high precision metal film resistors, offering characteristics like very low-temperature coefficient, high stability, and high precision. These products are used in electronic weighing apparatus, precision electronic equipment etc, they are still our major products. In the year 2000, EBG-Shenzhen introduced the advanced thick film resistor technology from EBG-Austria, and started to produce high frequency, non-inductive thick film power resistors and high voltage resistors, which are widely used in power electronics, clean energy, industrial transmission, medical equipment, railway transportation, electrical vehicle, smart power grid, inductive heating, welding industries etc.
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